We understand that when it comes to dental care, you may have a lot of questions, and we are here to provide clear and concise answers. Below, you will find a list of commonly asked questions covering various aspects of dentistry in Irvine, California, including oral surgery and periodontics. If you have further questions or would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shawn Loo, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 949-857-9220. Your oral health is our top priority!

Why should I visit the dentist regularly?

Regular dental visits are crucial for maintaining optimal oral health. Our team is dedicated to preventive care, aiming to catch potential issues early on, saving you both time and money in the long run. We recommend scheduling checkups twice a year to ensure your teeth and gums stay in top shape.

Why do I need to floss?

Flossing is vital for cleaning the areas between your teeth and below the gumline where your toothbrush cannot reach. By removing plaque and bacteria regularly, you reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease, contributing to a healthier mouth overall.

How often should I brush and floss?

We advise brushing your teeth at least twice daily, especially before bedtime, using an ADA-approved soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. Flossing should be a daily ritual. If you have any questions about oral hygiene products, feel free to contact our office.

How safe are dental X-rays?

Dental X-rays are an essential tool in diagnosing potential issues that are not visible to the naked eye. They are incredibly safe, exposing you to minimal radiation. We adhere to strict safety standards and utilize the latest digital imaging technologies to ensure your safety.

I am nervous about visiting the dentist — what options do I have?

We understand that dental anxiety is a real concern, and we are here to help. Our office offers various sedation dentistry options to ensure your comfort during procedures. Please talk to our team about your concerns, and we will work together to find the best solution for you.

What is cosmetic dentistry, and how can it improve my smile?

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses various treatments aimed at enhancing the appearance of your teeth. From teeth whitening and veneers to dental bonding and clear aligners, we offer a range of options to help you achieve the beautiful smile you desire.

I have lost a tooth. What are my options?

Our office provides several solutions for replacing missing teeth, including dental implants, bridges and dentures. Our dentist will work with you to determine the best option for your needs and help restore function and aesthetics to your smile.

What is oral surgery, and what does it involve?

Oral surgery encompasses various procedures ranging from tooth extractions and gum surgery to more complex procedures like jaw surgery. Our skilled team is equipped to handle a wide range of oral surgery needs, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the process.

What are dental implants, and are they right for me?

Dental implants are a durable and natural-looking solution for replacing missing teeth. They involve anchoring a metal post in your jawbone, providing a stable foundation for a replacement tooth. Our team can assess your needs and determine if dental implants are the right choice for you.

What is periodontal disease, and how can it be treated?

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is an infection of the gums that can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Our office provides comprehensive periodontal care, including deep cleanings and other treatments, to manage and prevent the progression of gum disease.

What causes bad breath, and how can I prevent it?

Bad breath can result from various factors, including poor oral hygiene, certain foods, and medical conditions. Regular dental checkups, proper brushing and flossing, and addressing any underlying issues can help prevent and treat bad breath.

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